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Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

Small Business Loans

Small and Mid-sized Businesses Can Acquire Fast Business Financing Based on Future Sales – This Can Be Structured As a Business Loan if Eligible

Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance


How It Works:

Upon approval,  a portion of your future sales is purchased up-front
Your business then receives upfront capital, while a fixed daily percentage of the business’ sales are automatically deducted until the full amount has been paid off
When sales are sluggish the amount that is deducted for repayment will be proportionately reduced automatically
This aspect of the financing program is particularly attractive to small businesses because it puts little strain on cash flow when business is slow.

What Are The Requirements?

To be approved for our business cash advance program, a business must fulfill the following requirements:

It must be an established business (no startups, however, 4 months in business may be eligible)

  •     The business must be operating in America
  •     The business must be able to prove revenue

What Are The Benefits?

Unlike bank loans, our cash advances have no closing costs or upfront fees

There is no fixed time frame for repayment of the cash advance –
the payments will just continue until the total balance has been repaid

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about making scheduled payments when sales are down

  •     Quick approval process (answer in 24hrs)
  •     Few requirements for approval, not based on credit rating
  •     There are no personal guarantees for repayment
  •     No liens on your home or business
  •     No fixed payments.
  •     It doesn’t show on your credit report
  •     Receive funding within a week
  •     No restrictions on the use of the money

Please Note: This is not a Merchant Cash Advance where the payback is deducted from your credit card proceeds at the end of each day

You may keep your current Credit Card Processor if you wish

This Is One Of The Best Programs We’ve Seen In A Long Time !!!

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Business Cash Advance

Diversified Business Funding

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