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The Business Cash Flow Solution

Working Capital Advance

Working Capital Advance

A Low-Cost, High-Tech, Easy-To-Implement Way To Better Manage Receivables And Liberate Your Cash Flow

What is it? A web-based cash management system that allows you to receive advances on any outstanding invoice at any time for extremely low fees. Works for Companies Who… Have healthy sales and receivables but would benefit from being able to collect on invoices more quickly.

Biggest Advantages… *100% visibility of all receivables * Accurate predictions of when individual invoices will be paid * Assistance in collections and paperwork * Same-day access to advances * No fees paid on invoices that aren’t funded * Credit database that prevents selling to deadbeats

Biggest Disadvantages None

Transaction Cost Since you only pay for invoices you choose to fund, and since the system helps determine which invoices will be paid the soonest, you pay fewer fees

Flexibility You have complete control over which receivables you fund on – so you can have your money when you need it

Risks Help you avoid selling to customers that won’t pay their bills, and you can decide when your receivables will be funded

Ease of Collection You control when you are paid. We handle collecting the receivables

Supplier Relationships You pay your suppliers on time and establish strong relationships with suppliers. You can even negotiate better pricing and save money

Customer Relationships Establish payment solutions before problems arise. You are free to render services instead of “beating up” your customers for payment.

How to get started Please call us at 1-866-602-7805 or better yet, fill out and submit this BRIEF CONTACT FORM

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